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"Would You Like To Come In For Some Coffee?"

First dates are nerve-wracking experiences - and then you have the agonizing decision of whether or not to ask him in for coffee at the end of it and risk having a one-night stand!  And, what if he snoops through your stuff while he is there? We ask our Male Panel for the inside scoop on First Date Sex and Men & Snooping!

Question 1: Has sex on the first date ever actually developed into a relationship?

Steve: Yes. The way I see it anyone willing to sleep with me must be charitable and worth knowing.

Peter: Well, the obvious answer is Yes. It must have. There are 7,000,000,000 of us. You can’t seriously tell me that the statistics and possible permutations favour the answer No, surely? Incidentally, on average we each produce 1.5 litres of saliva per day, so that means we’re drowning in 10,500,000,000 litres of gob per day on this planet. It’s a pleasure. Now... do I think sex on a first date is conducive to a relationship (I presume we mean a lasting, meaningful, beautiful relationship), and my answer is why the hell not? It kind of fits (in this day and age, where sex is not really such a major event, I mean, is it?) quite comfortably with the whole love-at-first-sight thing. As it happens, my first wife and I literally took one look at each other and knew that we were going to get married. We were together for 10 years. Go figure. Maybe if we’d done The Dark Deed Of The Night that evening we’d still be together. No we wouldn’t. She discovered that she’d been a lesbian all along.

Joe: No. But it will one day, so keep on trying. But only with guys named Joe - they tend to have a better chance of making it to a relationship. Trust me.

Question 2: When you are alone in a woman's house for the first time, do you snoop through her stuff? Are you ever nervous that she'll snoop through yours?

Steve: I’ve never snooped and never been worried about it. But now that you’ve mentioned that women may snoop I will be paranoid forever. Thanks. On the upside, I could use this knowledge to my advantage and play cruel jokes by hiding Parktown prawns and spiders in my drawers. Oh the laughs we’ll have. Also, the terror. I hate spiders.

Peter: No. No. Jeez, who asks questions like this? I came up against rampant paranoia in a mad old senile female boss a few years ago. It’s an illness, I tell you! Nee, koeksister, tannie, you need help. The closest I get to snooping is looking to see what books are in somebody’s bookcase. Sure, I steal the silver, but that’s not snooping, is it? More like a buccaneering redistribution of wealth.

Joe: I don't snoop. We're not 12 years old anymore. I'm hoping she doesn't snoop and discover my vast array of sex toys. Actually, maybe she should snoop!


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