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A Chilling Read!

My older (thinner more beautiful) sister phoned me from Perth one Sunday JUST to tell me that I had to put down whatever book I was reading and get my hands on Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberly McCreight as soon as was humanely possible. Needless to say, I obediently popped down to the shops that very afternoon (okay, I sent Stephen because I was still in my pajamas) and began reading it that same night. Two nail-biting days later, I was finished - and have been thinking about the harrowing story ever since.

Reconstructing Amelia.jpg

In a nutshell, the book follows the story of Kate, a highly successful businesswoman who gets a call one day from her daughter's exclusive private school to say that Amelia has been suspended effective immediately. On arriving at the school, Kate hears the unbelievable news that her daughter's body has been found dead, and that she allegedly killed herself by jumping off the school roof.

In amidst her disbelief that her responsible daughter with very few issues has committed suicide, Kate gets an anonymous text that says: She didn't jump. What follows is the story of Kate reconstructing the last few weeks and months of her daughter's life via emails, texts and conversations with kids from her school. Interspersing Kate's narrative is that of Amelia's, painting a very different picture to the one her mother saw. 

It's a riveting read, thankfully not too emotionally draining, but one that will keep you guessing until the very last line. You will also NEVER let your daughter have a cellphone or email account ever again. You may even decide to keep her home from school!

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