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A Look Into The Male Pysche

Expecting a baby boy and deciding whether you want him to go through circumcision or not? Male Panel faces the touchy topic of cirmcumcision and gives us their opinion on whether or not to do it. And, also find out what type of women our panel find intimidating.

Question 1: My husband and I are arguing over whether to have our 4-week old son circumcised. I am against it and he is for it... What do you guys think?

Steve: Circumcision is a thorny issue and the decision to do it is often based on culture and religion, which means that you may be up against more than just one person, but tradition (which at times seems like an acceptable replacement for logic). Personally, I feel a child should be old enough to make the decision about whether or not he wants to have his genitals mutilated. I also think it’s unfair for young boys who choose not to have it done to be ostracized.  I’m weird like that.

Peter: You, presumably, haven’t been circumcised, right? (Good. I think female circumcision is barbar... Wait, there are all kinds of people who feel the same way about male circumcision!) Anyway, whatever your cultural and religious roots, I’m bloody glad you aren’t going to send him off to be butchered as a teenager. Okay, look. I was circumcised as a babe, because I think the prevailing thinking at the time was that it was A Good Thing. (I’m not Jewish; indeed, I am a WASP - White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, although one of my ancestors was a Norman baron, so maybe that makes me a White Anglo-Norman Knight, or WANK. Did I just say that?) If circumcision of tiny infants is damaging to the child’s psyche, I think the damage is minimal – unless it contributed to the fact that, at 63, I’m as randy as I was at 20. Sorry for all the waffle. I think uncircumcised winkies look pathetic. A circumcised one is just MUCH more butch-looking. Useful asset in the shower room. Even a tiny mauve acorn is better than a floppy little spring roll, in my opinion.

Joe: I think you should go for it, even though I'm bent over crying for the boy. Although at his age the pain is only like piercing an ear: instant, not long-lasting. There are good arguments for doing it and women will appreciate it one day. Trust me. Be a good mother-in-law and think of his doing something for his wife already :)

Question 2: Are there any women that you find intimidating? Why?

Steve: All of them. I can’t put my finger on why but it’s probably my innate social awkwardness that makes me fearful. Unless I’ve had a bit to drink.

Peter: This is a trick question, of course. Women just ARE intimidating. Why? Because I was circumcised. *sobs uncontrollably* Okay, then, yes, I find angry women intimidating. I don’t mean women when they’re kwaad (it happens to me all the time. Well, one woman. My wife.) No, I mean those angry women who are so f***ing certain that they are the Sole Keepers Of The Secret. Lighten up, girls. Powerful women are also quite intimidating. I think they are powerful because they have the ability to intimidate. Women without a sense of humour are possibly the most intimidating of all, because then we just have no vocabulary in common.

Joe: Unfriendly women. Being friendly and having a smile or "smiling eyes" is probably the most warm, comforting sight for a man to see. Friendly doesn't mean flirting, it means not scowling at every guy who happens to walk pass.


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