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First launched in 2001 by the inimitable (and slightly deranged) Shelli NT, Femail quickly developed a cult-like following of over 35 000 women who screamed with laughter at the antics of Shelli, her saintly husband, wacky 8-year old and alarmingly clever 1-year old.

After 4 years of sharing every detail of her life with readers, Shelli took a break from Femail to launch Velocity Media, an online publishing company that includes and Joburg’s Darling in its stable (with a collective database of over 200 000 subscribers). However, having been stalked by previous readers (one of whom chased her across a school parking lot shrieking “I’ve FOUND you!”), Shelli is back with an all-new Femail offering!

Despite numerous interventions Shelli stubbornly refuses to include any content that is vaguely serious. Instead, she will amuse, entertain and delight with stories of her 4 dogs, 3 chickens, long-suffering General Manager, embarrassing moments, misguided delusions of grandeur and woeful disasters in the kitchen. You can also expect to find fabulously delicious recipes, helpful reviews on pretty much anything that takes Shelli's fancy, as well as random funnies that are sure to make you snort with laughter.

In essence, she will make women feel that while their lives may never be perfect, they are probably better off than she is!