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An Absolute MUST-READ!

I have been battling to find a good book for ages - I have so much on my mind that if a book is not really gripping, I find myself drifting off and battling to concentrate. Well, on Friday afternoon I struck gold when browsing at my local Exclusive Books! I was seated at one of the tables, paging through a stack of novels, when the lady seated next to me asked the store manager for help in selecting books for her book club. I shamelessly eavesdropped and ended up getting some fantastic suggestions, one of which was "The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles" by Katherine Pancol.

Firstly, the book has very little to do with crocodiles (thankfully) and instead is a brilliantly written mega-bestseller from a well-known French writer, recently translated into English. In a nutshell, the book follows the story of Josephine, whose unemployed husband runs off to Kenya with his mistress, leaving the dowdy and bookish Josephine to raise her two daughters on her own. Her sister Iris, meanwhile, is living the dream with a wealthy husband, head-turning looks and all-important stylish Paris address. But Iris is bored, and when she frivolously tells a famous publisher that she is writing a 12th century romance - one he immediately wishes to publish, she turns to Josephine to write the book for her. Josephine will get all the money, while Iris gets all the fame. Sounds like a win-win situation - until the book is an overnight success!

Needless to say, I finished the book in two days (no mean feat when you have a VERY active and VERY vocal one-year old)! I absolutely adored the sparkling writing style, myriad of characters that I felt like I knew intimately by the end of the book, and sporadic sharp insights into the minds of modern women. Deftly weaving stories around parenting, friendship, sisterhood, marriage, and finding your own voice - this book is a light-hearted yet riveting read. A wonderful break from my more standard thrillers!

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