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Best Exfoliator EVER - And It's Under R300!

I get sent so many beauty products to review, and the reason you don't see me publishing my feedback is because hardly any of them work! I have to admit to becoming overly suspicious that we are all paying stupid amounts of money for products that do very little to improve our skin. 

Well, the good news is that I have found THE best exfoliator in the history of ever. And while I am very aware that we each have a unique skin type, I feel this one deserves a special mention.

To date, the only two exfoliators I have enjoyed using are the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant (approximately R770) and Guinot Biological Peeling Radiance Gel (approximately R550). Lately, I have found the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant to almost scratch my skin - even when mixed with loads of water. And the Guinot Biological Peeling Radicance Gel is fabulous, other than leaving my skin feeling slightly dry and in need of a hydrating mask. You can therefore understand how delighted I was to find an even better exfoliator for just R263!

Placecol Gentle Exfoliating Serum

Gentle Exfoliating Serum.jpg

Let's be fair - the bottle is hardly anything to write home about, so I have to admit that my snobbish nature made me ever-so-sceptical that the product was going to work well. But seeing as though a skin-specialist-friend recommended I avoid granular exfoliators, I was determined to give this a try.

One slight negative was that the contents are slightly too liquid for my taste - I prefer a thicker gel which is easier to apply - but it was really not THAT hard to apply a thin layer to my face, avoiding the all-important eye area.

While it was on, I read that this concentrated serum contains natural fruit acids to slough off dead, dry and dull skin cells. It also contains special humectants and moisturisers to help boost your skin's natural moisture content. Bonus!

Ten minutes in, my skin began to tingle and get quite itchy, something that stopped the minute I rinsed my face with cool water. And what a difference - immediately! I could instantly see a dewy glow, especially on my cheek bones, as well as the lack of tightness I had experienced when using other exfoliators. The difference was even more noticeable once I had applied my moisturizer, and I found I used far less foundation than before - mostly because it just glided on.

The bottle doesn't say how often the product should be used, and I can find no mention of it online - so I have been using it every 4 or so days. To date I haven't had any breakouts, in fact my skin has never looked better!

Apparently it is suitable for all skin types - I do however wonder if more sensitive skins would react to that "tingling" sensation - I am not sure. That being said, it is my favorite beauty product at the moment. And at that price, you can afford to give it a go!

(Available at Edgars and Red Square Stores)

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