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Buying Presents for Men Made Easy – Online!

I am one of those annoying people that likes to get her Christmas shopping done early! There is nothing worse than screaming around the Mall right before Christmas, trying frantically to find something that says "I have put loads of thought into this gift, even though it was actually bought yesterday!" That being said, I always battle to find really great gifts for men and am always on the lookout for much-needed advice!

Enter Byron, our resident Male Guru, who has made it his personal mission to find fabulous gift suggestions for men - and they're all online! So you can sit back, browse and order, and then wait for your gifts to be delivered - all without battling the tedious mall crowd. (You can click on the images below to read more about the actual gift, or to buy!)

Sock-Subscription from Nic Socks

This one is too awesome! Socks are coming back and yes, I don’t ever really remember them being ‘in’ but hey, they’re back! The idea is simple. They sell high quality, limited edition socks and deliver straight to your doorstep. They also have a ‘mail order’ system where you can order a 3 month subscription for R208 per month and receive 2 pairs a month over that period. Ladies! This will make a perfect gift for the man in your life. It’s quirky, fun and a man can never have too many socks. To quote Hugh Laurie from Black Adder “Socks are like sex, there’s so much of it about and I never seem to get any”. Order your subscription here.

Cost: R208.00 per month for three months.

Kick-Ass Coffee Machine

These are too cool. My colleague, Joburg's Darling hooked us up with a sponsorship of one of these at the office and I’ve never been happier to arrive in the morning. But what makes this different to your average coffee machine? Firstly it only takes a minute. You pop those little pods into the tray and are pretty much good to go. The other thing that separates these from the competitors is that it’s just plain stylish and fun to use. Guys like gadgets and this really is a hybrid of gadget and coffee machine. Order your Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine here.

Cost: R1900.00 and it includes two boxes of coffees.

The Ferrari Experience

Growing up I remember few things my brother and I wanted more than a Ferrari Testarossa. It’s every boys dream and to be honest it’s something I’ve never really grown out of. The problem with the whole Ferrari fantasy is that we can’t all realistically have one but that doesn't mean you can’t at least experience it once! Adventure Bookings is, as the name suggests, an online adventure portal where you can book various cool experiences and trips but most importantly, they do Ferrari laps for those men that are still in touch with their inner child (aren’t we all)! Read about the packages and make your booking here.

Cost: You can book four laps in an F360 for R3000 driven by an instructor but you can also get a 15 minute ‘self-drive’ spin around an international race track for R8000.

Designer Stubble Made Easy

I’ve always wondered how Hollywood stars keep their stubble looking perfect in every shot and I think I finally found the answer. I’ve tried millions of times with scissors only to end up looking patchy but this Remington Stubble Kit will make it easy for us regular people to pull off that designer stubble look.Click here to order one with free delivery.

Cost: R500.00 from Dion Wired.

Beer of the Month Club

Truly a man’s best friend, The League of Beers have a Beer of the Month Club and it’s too cool! The idea is that you pay a monthly subscription and they send you 12 handpicked, local and international craft beers each month. They alternate the beer choices and even do themed boxes making this one of the coolest presents you could possibly buy a man. Do the right thing and buy him a beer subscription. I guarantee you’ll score some brownie points!

Cost: R400.00 per Month. Their billing system is also flexible and safe so no stress when signing up.

Leather Laptop Sleeve

Laptop bags that look like they need a helicopter license to operate are ‘so yesterday’. That Rambo bag you’re walking around with is making those hipsters in the coffee shop cringe. You should feel rightly ashamed. So, to make up for your little fashion faux pas, I suggest you get this awesome leather laptop sleeve and turn that frown into and ironic smile. Order this leather sleave here.

Cost: R760.00

Braai Anywhere You Want To – Cause That’s the South African Way!

A proudly South African invention (of course), Braai Cube takes spontaneous braaing to another level with it’s easy to set up design and moers the competition clean out of the picture. I’ve used many a product that claims instant braai satisfaction but have always either ended up with burnt meat or coals that die before you can get a full braai done. Braai Cube features and easily adjustable height level which means you can start your braai quicker and that also means you can get more meat done! Order your Braai Cube from 5 Rooms with Free delivery.

Cost: R259.00

Everyone Will ‘Like’ this Mug!

Mantality is one of our favourite online stores here at and for good reason. They sell all sorts of crazy cool ‘manly’ stuff and when I say crazy, I really mean it. I once saw a Jet Pack on there for R200 000 and sure that’s a little out of most people’s Christmas present budget but the fact that they even have one is insane! Thinking of budgets, this awesome Facebook ‘Like’ Coffee cup is the perfect present for a tech-friendly guy and it falls into the more affordable end of the spectrum. I doubt Mantality actually stocks any of this stuff locally so make sure you factor in a short wait. Order this ultra cool coffee cup now!

Cost: R125.00

I Heart Art

I’ve never heard of the artist Jaco Haasbroek but I am so happy I found these quirky prints he does. He’s a South African version of Jason Sho Greene and I’ve always loved that style. The prints will go perfectly in any room, adding a touch of unique style and art never gets old or tired. A birthday/Christmas card just won’t do in 2013! Order one of these awesome prints today!

Cost: R400 to R513

For the ‘Little Man’ in Your Life

So maybe the special man in your life is a little one. One who doesn’t shave or make braai’s just yet and that’s where this next present comes in. This trendy Converse tee will turn said ‘little man’ into a tiny rock star! People think that kids don’t care about clothes but I remember loving my first Bart Simpson shirt and never wanting to take it off. Buy this blue Converse tee from Kinderelo.

Cost: R144.95

by Byron Marais

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All photos courtesy of the brand websites associated with the product.
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