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A Not-So-Handy Man

"Um - why don't we just get Pete to do it, my angel?" I asked nervously as Steve began taking measurements of our yard door frame. "I mean, your brother is coming here ANYWAY to do some work around the house, why not just ask HIM to make it?"

"No, don't be silly," Steve muttered through the pencil he had in his mouth. "How hard can it be?"

A Hilarious Read!

This has to be one of the funniest stories I have ever read. In fact, I laughed so hard while reading it that Stephen thought I was having an asthma attack! HILARIOUS! 

(Story by Anna Lind Thomas as featured on Hahas for Hoohas.)

Why it's NOT a good idea to have an "Urgence" in France

Travelling while heavily pregnant is actually not half as much fun as it sounds, especially when you find yourself needing a trip to the local hospital in rural France where no-one speaks a word of English! 

Damn You Autocorrect!

I have always sniffed rather haughtily at people who claim to have made these terrible SMS errors on their phone when using predictive text. I mean, I ALWAYS double-check messages before I send them so have never quite understood why people hit the Send button without a second thought.

Peggy Sue

Looking back at when I was pregnant with Kayla, I have to wonder if I lost my mind in the last few months before she was born. Like when I allowed myself to be convinced that placing clothes pegs on my baby toes could help turn her from a breech position so that I wouldn't have to have a Caesar….

Killing Us or Making Us Stronger?

It HONESTLY seemed like such a simple little job. So simple that I hesitated to even call it "renovating". You know, just a bit of bashing down - a wall here and another wall there, and erecting a more stable patio roof (FYI - Stephen still gets the giggles every time I say "erecting").


Careering down the corporate ladder

Hi Shelli,

Any advice for climbing the career ladder? I seem to be stuck!



&*ck Shop Duty

One of my greatest childhood traumas is that my mother never signed up for tuck shop duty. Never mind the fact that the poor woman ran her own business, looked after 3 children and taxied us to and from a zillion extra mural activities each afternoon, I have never quite recovered from the deep psychological scars that resulted from her absence from the tuck shop roster.

14 Steps To Follow Before You Have Children

It’s way too late for many of us, but these “14 Steps To Follow Before You Have Children” had me SCREAMING with laughter!

The Toddler Miracle Diet

Throw away all those diet books people, the new Toddler Miracle Diet will help you lose the weight. And all your marbles.