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Date a Colleague? Act Needy? Male Panel has the Answers!

Is it a good idea to date that hot colleague you have been eyeing out for the last year? Should you act less independent to attract a man rather than ward him off? Our Male Panel gives it to us straight.

Insight Into The Male Mind

Ever wondered what your other half thinks about when he's staring into space? Or why burping, farting and adjusting his man-bits is acceptable in your presence? This week our male panel gives us the answer to life, the universere and everything else. 

Thoughts from The Male Panel

From spicing things up in your lovelife to what really puts a bee in their bonnet, the Male Panel gives us their thoughts on life, love and everything else. 

Opinions from the Male Panel

The Male Panel tells us what they THINK women want and when your interest may be taken as a little bit stalkerish!

Question 1: You guys are obviously expe

Father’s Day At Cape Union Mart

Shopping for men is tough - what do you get for the dad who has everything, or is fussy about what he likes? Cape Union Mart have come to the rescue with 5 inspired gift ideas, so pack those hankies away and impress Dad with one of these:

Unraveling the Male Mind

Ever wondered how to let a guy down easy when you just aren’t that into him? The Male Panel have the answers to get you out of that sticky situation. Plus, they have some questions of their own about us women!

The Male Panel Spills the Beans

Ever wondered if ALL men have a standard answer (lie) to the question "does this make my bum look big?" The Male Panel gives us their responses and lets us in on what they do that annoys their significant others.

Male Panel - How to Find Love and Keep the Spark Alive

Whether you want to know how to find someone (decent) to hook your friend up with or need suggestions on how to keep the spark alive in your marriage, my Male Panel has the answers!

The 411 Straight From The Male Panel

Ever wondered if it's normal to have secrets while in a relationship, or if it is possible to remain friends with someone you once dated? The men give us the 411 on these tricky situations.

The Male Panel on Marriage and Conflict!

The Male Panel lets us in on what they think marriage is and what they believe is the best way to resolve conflict within a relationship.