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A Message for My Beloved Children Who Insist Their Lives Are Really Really Hard

I love this so much that I wish I had written it myself! It should be required reading at schools, or made into Comprehensions for study during English class (remember those ghastly things?) So true, and so beautifully put!

Mother's Day Ideas

Mother's Day is this Sunday (you haven't forgotten, have you?) and I have found some stunning gift ideas for you! I have pinned them all on my Pinterest board for easy browsing - so pop on over and have a look! My personal favorites have got to be Spa in a Jar and the many ideas for homemade canvasses (you can buy blank canvasses from PNA or your local art shop).

Surviving Men

My GFD (Glamorous Friend Debbie) sent this to me yesterday, and I thought it was absolutely HILARIOUS. Needless to say, this is a series of Survivor that I would actually WATCH!

Ten Things To Try This Christmas

I am LOVING this time of year - I really am SUCH a Christmas Fairy (something Stephen enjoys and sighs about in equal measure). This year, despite hecticrazymanic year-end deadlines and To Do lists, I am determined to give my family the gift of a Christmas EXPERIENCE. Often small but memorable moments that will hopefully become traditions in years to come. (Please don't get me wrong, it's nothing major at ALL - just a conscious effort to try and be "in the moment" in the days leading up to Christmas instead of rushing around for weeks and becoming not-so-nice to live with in the process!)

Touching Photos That Will Melt Your Heart!

Any woman who has had children (or been married) will know that weeping comes with the territory. Add hormones and anything is likely to trigger a snot-fest. This collection of heart wrenching photos (which had all the ladies in the office in tears yesterday) had to be shared, because no-one should cry alone. Be warned: tissues essential! 

11 Things Every Parent Should Know

My AFJ (Amazing Friend Jacqui) shared this article on Facebook the other day and I have to admit to reading the entire article twice! Such amazing wisdom from a paediatrician who has probably seen it all in his 25 years. Please read it if you have 5 minutes - it will be one of the most powerful things you read all week!

Want The Truth? Ask A Child!

They say that if you want to know the truth about something, ask a child. Why, just this morning, Kayla told me that she LOVES the way my bum jiggles when I walk! Last week she asked how I make my eyes scrunch up like that even when I am not laughing - turns out she was referring to the wrinkles around my eyes!

This post on marriage has been doing the rounds on the Internet and has to be one of my favorite "Kids Say The Darndest Things" email to date!

Weight A Second

WHY (I ask you with tears in my eyes) is it so hard for men to understand the concept of Fat Pants? After trying for at least half an hour to explain the concept to Stephen this weekend, he still looked at me with a completely blank expression that made me wonder if I might be losing my marbles.

I would rather have a Pie and Lattes!

Right, so I have started Pilates again after a quick little holiday from exercise that ended up being two years and one baby later. And I thought I was doing rather well. True, I still have 7 stubborn kilograms to lose (those of you that pay attention will see that this number is steadily growing each week) and can fit into about a quarter of my wardrobe (i.e. the shoes) but I really didn't think TOO much about it, seeing as though I have a newborn, erm, three month old, okay FIVE month old baby.

The Dumbest Things Ever Said on Facebook

Everyone is entitiled to a moment of stupidity once in a while. But posting that one moment of stupidity on Facebook for everyone to see will definitely get you the 'Comment of Shame' award. Buzzfeed put together this hilarious collection of The Dumbest Things Ever Said On Facebook and I just had to share.