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Date a Colleague? Act Needy? Male Panel has the Answers!

Is it a good idea to date that hot colleague you have been eyeing out for the last year? Should you act less independent to attract a man rather than ward him off? Our Male Panel gives it to us straight.

I have met someone I work with – and I am really interested in taking it further. Most people say I shouldn’t date a colleague. Do you think I should step back or go for it?

Steve: It’s great while it lasts. In a fast paced working world it’s not always easy to make time to see each other so being able to have lunch or commute after a sleepover (an adult themed one) is awesome. The one rule is: neither party must be in a position of management over the other. Unless you derive sadomasochistic pleasure from being told what to do. Or want to be spanked rather than receive a letter of warning.

Joe: Go for it. You are more important than what "most people say". Just don't go for it in the copier room - that's too cliche!

PeterIs that Cheryl in Accounts asking? Can we meet behind the garden shed this afternoon at 15:30 and you can talk through your feelings for me over a quiet cup of tea and a BJ? No but seriously, I once worked at a place where the contract stipulated that nobody was allowed to enter into a romantic relationship with any other employee. Is that unconstitutional or what? The problem is: what happens in the workplace when the relationship is over? Yours is one of those questions that has no unambiguously right answers and plenty of wrong ones.

Colin: I say, go for it. They don’t build store rooms or sturdy desks for nothing!

Is it true that guys like women who are vulnerable and helpless? I am 38 and single, and think I put some guys off because I am totally independent and self-sufficient. Must I start acting needy?

Steve: In light of recent events in South Africa, you’d be doing nothing but supporting patriarchy by pretending to be vulnerable. Personally, I find needy types draining. Needy becomes clingy and sometimes, I just want to enjoy a beer without having a fifteen-hour discussion about where our relationship is headed.

Joe: No, you need to stop dating children. If you're only finding immature men you're looking in the wrong place. There will be someone out there for you. Raise your preferred age to 45-55. Middle aged single men would love to have a 38 year old, and being single means they can look after themselves - that they don't need someone to run a household for them.

Peter: Absolutely. As in “I NEED to bring you a beer and let you watch the rugby” or – this one always works – “I NEEEED to make passionate thingy with you all weekend.” Okay, just kidding. My mother, who was a wise old duck, said “There’s someone for everyone.” I’m sure you’ll eventually find that someone. Hard-arsed friggin ice maiden spinster from hell that you are.

Colin: Hell no, you're forgetting the cougar factor. But also remember there's no bigger turn off than a woman paying her bills in bed.



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