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Gift Ideas for Teachers

One of my readers sent me a mail last week asking if I have ANY ideas to share on end-of-year gifts for teachers. Now, seeing as though I was part of the teaching profession for four glorious years (some of the happiest of my life, in fact), I have a few stand-out gifts I can recommend. Add that to an opinion poll on Facebook and some time spent surfing the Internet, and I think I have a fairly comprehensive list of ideas that may help those of you that are feeling a little stuck!

On the whole, many teachers said that food was probably their least favourite gift, especially perishable food that needs to be eaten quickly. Teachers get a LOT of chocolates and biscuits and it is often overwhelming and ends up going to waste. To be clear, they were so grateful for the thought behind the gifts, but were giving their honest feedback, seeing as though I asked!

Fabulous gifts teachers will love

1. A personal letter or card

This is top of my list because it costs nothing but time, and will mean more than anything to the recipient. Be specific about the impact that the teacher has had on your child, their school year, self-confidence etc - this is something they will probably keep forever.


2. A gift card

I really don't enjoy the act of giving a gift voucher or card. I feel as though it's a cop-out and that I couldn't be bothered to come up with anything more thoughtful and personal. Teachers, on the other hand, said they LOVE them. It allows them to buy (or put it towards) something they both want and need, while also giving them an excuse to go shopping. Either smaller gift vouchers or ones from the whole class are always appreciated!

Gift Card.jpg

3. Pamper goodies

It's always difficult to know what pamper goodies to buy - especially if the recipient may not be a bubble bath/ shower gel/ scented soap kind of person. I love the idea of "For Your Mistletoes" - a fabulous nail polish in the season's hottest shades. You could also include other foot spa items such as a foot file, cotton wool, nail polish remover, nail clippers and lotion.


4. Summer Survival Kit

Another idea is to buy a beach bag and put together some must-have items for summer - a beach towel, suntan lotion, magazine, bottle of water and lip ice. This would be great for the beach or even just at home!

Summer Kit.jpg

5. A magazine subscription

This is always an absolute win if you know your teacher's likes outside of the school. Anything from Garden & Home and Longevity to O Magazine and Marie Claire would be great - and they get a magazine delivered each and every month. What a fabulous gift to enjoy for an entire year!


6. Something to Grow

This is a cute idea and can be anything from a pot plant or poinsettia to rose bush or tree! Add a gift tag saying "Thank you for helping me GROW!" and you have a memorable gift that can be enjoyed for months or years to come!


7. Stationery

Another idea (especially for teachers who often have to buy stationery out of their own salary) is to put together a fabulous hamper of items they can use next year! Red pens, loads of pencils, funky stickers and labels, glue, colored paper or cardboard, staplers, spiral notebooks, rubber stamps, highlighters, colored fine liners etc. Presentation here is key - maybe stack them beautifully in a magazine holder or paper tray?


8. Teacher Survival Kit

Another fun idea - put together a group of items they may need next year when they are having a tough day! You could include Disprin, chocolates, ear plugs, a bottle of wine, Rescue Remedy etc. It's a fun gift but with items they can actually use and enjoy either now or later! 

Survival Kit.jpg

9. Something Handmade

Even though I am a very practical person and love to give gifts that people can actually use, some of the most meaningful gifts are those the children (with a little help from the parents) have made. Pictures with their footprints saying "you've left footprints on my life", mosaic photo frames or boxes, handmade biscuits or Christmas decorations - while maybe not always the prettiest gifts, will definitely be incredibly meaningful! Other ideas include homemade jams, caramel sauce, lemonade etc.


10. Gifts in a Jar

This is quite a big trend on Pinterest and quite a fun and inexpensive idea. I like the "Cookies in a Jar" idea that contains all the dry ingredients needed to bake Christmas Cookies, along with the recipe. Different, fun and something useful!


11. Movie Tickets

A quick and lovely idea is movie tickets for your teacher and partner/friend or for her whole family to enjoy during the holiday! Another option is a DVD, some popcorn seeds and other treats for them to enjoy Movie Night at home!

Movie Night.jpg

12. A Drink!

If you know your teacher's favorite drink, you can put half a dozen in a gift box and add a cute tag that ties in with what you have bought. A bottle of wine is often appreciated too (if they like wine. Which I'm sure they do. And need. Often.)


13. Something Personalised

Macaroon stationery is another fabulous gift idea - with everything from personalized notebooks and bags to amazing sticky tape dispensers and labels. Have a browse on their website - orders usually take 5 working days so plan ahead! I love the fact that a personalized gift shows you have put time and thought into it!


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