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Mass Confusion In My Corner Of The World!

I hate to be overly dramatic, but I think I am in serious danger of becoming schizophrenic. Stop laughing, I am being deadly serious.

You see, ever since the beginning of the year, I have been working tirelessly on simplifying my life (and yes, I am aware of the irony in saying that!) Stephen and I are cutting unnecessary costs, we have managed to identify things that add stress to our lives and are either fixing or eradicating them, and we have both joined the Hands-Free Revolution and now spend a lot less time on our phones when we are at home.

It's too wonderful for words.

Then there's my other goal, of becoming more focussed and aggressive on the work-front. I want to maximize the time I spend working so that I have more free time in the evenings with my girls, create enormous goals that drag me out of my comfort zone and raise my productivity levels, and focus on GSD (Getting Stuff Done).

Great for my productivity levels. But not so great for my stress levels and my overall need to simplify my life.

And so I have done what I always do when stuck for answers - I turn to the experts - people who have written books and blogs and have live podcasts. I have soaked up every piece of knowledge I can get my hands on and can FINALLY claim to have the answer. 

And the answer is this - I need wine.

In the last week alone, I have been instructed to be fully in the moment. To be completely present at all times. To be two steps ahead. To be five steps ahead because only average people are two steps ahead. To never ever think ahead and only live for the now. To never live for the now because it is short-sighted.

I must create To Do lists. To Do lists keep you focussed. I must only ever focus on the Top 5 most important things on my To Do list. I must throw away my To Do list because I need to focus on my family. I must create To Do lists for my family so that nothing is ever forgotten. I must stop stifling my family with To-Do lists and trust them to Get Stuff Done.

I must stop trying to be Super Woman. The biggest stumbling block for moms is their need to be Super Woman. I must realize that I AM Super Woman because I have GREATNESS within me. I must lead by example. I must lead from behind. I must forget about leading and focus on serving. I am NOT a server, I need to be the type of leader I would follow. I must never follow, because followers are losers.

I need to spend more time on my priorities. Family should always be my top priority. My family will respect me more if I have a life outside of my family. My family should be my life. 

Did you get all that? Me either.

The bottom line is that I shall be drinking a lot more this year, which will make me far less stressed. I will also be spending a lot less time on my phone, because I will be too tipsy to find it. And I will be VERY focused at work - focused on getting rid of my hangover.

That should effectively cover all bases!


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