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Relationships with Age Gaps and Women with Issues

The Male Panel gives us their point of view on whether age is just a number when it comes to relationships, and what female "issues" drive them away.

Do you think that a younger guy and an older woman could have a meaningful, sexual, intellectual long-term relationship? Does the younger guy not one day wake up and think: "Okay, that was fun, but now I want a perky pair of breasts and a tushy you could bounce quarters off!"?

Steve: It depends how big of an age gap it is. If one is still able to bungee jump and the other needs a zimmer frame, it may not work. Unless you have a fetish for wrinkles or sex with someone who smells like camphor cream and humbugs.

Joe: Considering the sexual peaks, a woman in her late 30s will best beat chef to a man in his early 20's, I have to say yes. But don't stress about him wanting something perky, even if you were perky he'll want to see what else is out there.

Peter: Well, it's kinda relative, you know. If she catches him when she's young enough, she can get some mileage out of the saggable and witherable bits before a trade-in. I did have a friend who spent some years with a woman like this, and yes, he finally told her it was all over because she was no longer up to scratch. He did shoot himself a year or two later, so it's true what they say : karma's a bitch. (An old, saggy, withered bitch, mind you, maar nou ja...)

I overheard two guys at the gym the other day talking about avoiding girls with issues. What exactly do they mean by “issues"?

Steve: As a rule of thumb, if she is likely to take a nail and scratch “I hope you die motherf***er” into your car bonnet after an argument, she has issues.

Joe: Daddy issues, possessive, needy ... Give the guy his space, stop asking him if he likes your ass in these jeans and let him know you think he's great.

Peter: Everything. Just... everything. Female Issues 101 is based on The Myth Of Sisyphus. Actually, can I change that from Everything to Everything except cute tits and a cute butt.


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