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I must admit to having slight OCD tendencies - something my mother tells me began when I was a baby. Apparently she used to put me down for a nap with a whole pile of books at the bottom of my cot so that I could read until I was drowsy. About half an hour later, she would come and check on me, only to find me fast asleep with all the books neatly arranged in height order! One of my favourite things to do as a child was ALWAYS to rearrange my bedroom or organise the kitchen cupboards (lucky mother!) I even arranged her spices by colour and then alphabetically!

True to form, this love of organisation was a bonus when I started work (other than a brief caution from my boss who said "I love that you file the faxes away so quickly - it's just that I need to actually READ them first!")

Needless to say, I love finding a home for everything, and actually find it quite relaxing tidying up at the end of the day and creating order once more. You can therefore understand why I was beyond excited when I heard that a new labeller had hit the market - one that would allow me to label everything from printer cables and rice canisters to children's toys and home office supplies! Here's why I think you need this nifty little gadget - with a recommended selling price of R682, it's worth every single cent!

Firstly, look at how gorgeous it is! (Excuse my grubby phone in the photo, but I want you to see how small it is - it can easily be tucked away into a drawer!)  It can be operated by either batteries or a power cable - I tried both options and far prefer the batteries (one less cable to worry about!)


First up, I began playing with the various settings. I love the fact you can switch it on, type in the relevant words, press print and HEY PRESTO, it comes out the back. You then press the little green button on the side, and your tape is cut for you. The tape backing is also very easy to peel off - bonus!


Something I have always wanted to do, is sort out the various cords in our house - especially behind the TV cabinet so I know what plugs into where, as well as my box of chargers, cables and power cords. Using the "Flag Label" setting, I quickly created these double-sided labels for all our cords. Then neatly stashed them in various (neatly labelled) boxes around the house.



Next up, I headed to the kitchen for a spot of pantry labelling. Changing to white tape, I created labels for some of my glass jars, as well as for various shelves in the pantry so that they will hopefully stay tidy for longer than 2 - 3 days (before descending back into chaos!)




 Kayla's room was sorted with her help - a fab way of getting her used to putting things back where they belong. I separated her khokis, crayons, coloured pencils, pens and craft scissors into various Consol jars, before helping her label them. WHAT a difference it has made - she can now find exactly what she needs without rummaging through her drawers. Tidy up time also takes about a minute!


The EPSON LabelWorks can also be used to label office supplies in various storage drawers and boxes. I also created labels for all my folders!



Personally, I think that purchasing the clear tape (as opposed to white or coloured tape) is the way to go. That way, you can label anything while allowing the background to shine through. You can also buy some fab WASHI TAPE (it looks like coloured sticky tape) that you use as a background for your clear labels. Then you could end up with gorgeous-looking labels such as these:


All in all, a FAB buy - I cannot recommend it enough. You can pick one up at selected Matrix Warehouse and Office National outlets.

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