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The Male Panel: How To Get A Man’s Attention And Why Tears Are Kryptonite For Men!

I love being able to climb inside the minds of men - I really do think our panel should be sainted for their honesty each week! Today, I asked them what it is about a woman that catches their attention, and how they feel when their better half cries!

Question 1: On meeting a woman for the first time, if she could do one thing that would immediately get your attention, what would it be?

Peter: Show me her feet. There you have it. Yes, I’m a foot fetishist. There is nothing on God’s earth quite as sexy as beautiful feet. And if I can’t see the feet without seeming kinky, I will look at her hands, because beautiful hands usually mean beautiful feet. So when you meet ME, girls, make sure your hands are beautifully manicured. See? Not difficult, is it?

Steve: To grab one’s attention you need to stand out from the crowd and be different. A short skirt and low cut top will get you noticed. But so will a clown suit. As a rule, if someone is deliberately doing something to grab my attention I will ignore them. There is something sad and desperate about trying too hard to be noticed or liked.

Joe: Smile and undress me with her eyes. That way she won't notice me doing the same thing! Let's face it, we're not looking for a nun.

Question 2: How do you feel when the woman you love cries?


  1. During or just after passionate hot sweaty sex : fantastic.
  2. When we fight over money : angry.
  3. When the dog dies / she chops her fingertip off with the secateurs / the bastard whose wife drove into her car and caused the car to be at the panel-beaters for TWELVE weeks threatens to sue her: utterly powerless.
  4. Only kidding about the hot passionate tears. I can’t remember THAT far back!

Steve: Awkward. Unless it’s because she’s cutting an onion. Then it’s OK to point and laugh and make a joke about it. But do it when no dinner preparations are involved…

Joe: Terrible. Especially if I made her cry. But if she's crying for something else, I make sure I'm there to show how lucky she is that at least with me that's one thing that is working out for her. A grateful woman really gives a lot!


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