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When They Couldn’t Hair Less

Those of you that know me can attest to the fact that I like men to err more on the side of looking rugged than looking girly. Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for men looking after themselves, but do admit to getting a little nervous when they have more products on their bathroom shelves than I do! There IS a fine line though, and when your man starts looking more Homeless than Hunky, it’s time to step in and demand he gets his facial hair firmly under control!

Enter Byron – finder of all things fabulous around the country – who has put together this rather fab list of places for your man to get his hair cut, beard trimmed, and ears and nostrils waxed. These are also great places to get YOUR eyebrows threaded – a much better option to waxing and plucking (I go to the Hair Colonel)!

Men’s Grooming and Barbershops 

By Byron Marais 

So, beards are back for some strange reason. I remember 2 years ago you ran the risk of being refused entrance to a restaurant if you had a beard but now you are more likely to find a beard at home in a board room than on the corner of Jan Smuts and Bolton. Wes Anderson and a strong sense of hipster irony are the likely instigators but whatever the reason, it’s here and seems comfortably perched on your boyfriend or husband’s face for the next year at the very least. So instead of fighting it, why not get it under control? I’ve put together a list of top barbershops that can help turn that bear... into a beard. 

Floyds Barbershop - Johannesburg

Floyds is, in my humble opinion, an homage to all things man and grooming. Their grungy theme reminds me of my room when I was 12, with music posters lining the walls. And you’ll find no Kylie Minogue here; I’m talking Kurt Cobain and Tupac. Rock music coming from the speakers and a friendly and hip staff set this place apart from... pretty much everybody else in the business. They do everything from haircuts to threading and their prices aren’t bad. Threading is R80 while a Floyd’s cut will run you R195 (includes wash and neck shave). Say hello on Facebook if you want to discuss something or just have a chat.
Address Fourways Crossing Shopping Centre, William Nicol Drive, Fourways (Near the Toys R Us). 

Hair Colonel - Johannesburg

Hair Colonel is one of those old school barbershops but with a new-age glossy sheen and probably more suited to those of you with a liking for vintage or classic. The staff are friendly and competent but don’t expect a conversation about the weather, this is a no-frills affair and I think most men will appreciate that - I know I do.
Address They have a branch at Sloane Square, Bryanston and at Benmore Gardens, Sandton.

Crew Men’s Grooming - Johannesburg

Crew is a 5-star men’s grooming experience. They do everything from a straight shave to threading and even highlights. Their stylish premises at Rivonia Village are fitted to impress with leather sofas and complimentary whisky or beer while you wait. With all the glam you’d expect these guys to cost more but they really don’t. Take a look at their price list or visit them on Facebook to get a better idea of who they are and what they offer.
Address Shop 11, Rivonia Village, Rivonia Boulevard.

Sweeny’s Barbershop – Cape Town

With a cool name and staff to match, Sweeny’s is a one-of-a-kind barbershop on trendy Loop Street and don’t worry, you won’t end up being stuffed into a meat pie afterwards either! They specialise in the hot towel shave but do haircuts, offer student prices and will even shine your shoes before you leave, making them an excellent place to get man-pampered for the day. Visit their website for more info and a bunch of interesting facts on the history of the barber.
Address: 4a Loop Street, Cape Town.

Edge Men’s Hair – Cape Town

Edge is a chain barber but don’t let the word chain fool you - these guys offer a top notch service at a decent price and have everything from beard trimming to men’s facials. They have locations all over the place so you won’t have to drive too far, and they offer beer and other treats for the men while they go through their transformation. Threading is only R60 and with a haircut you only pay R40. Pop in for a shave or visit their website for contact details.
Address They are located at Blue Route, Constantia, Waterfront, Cavendish and Canal Walk. Visit their site for contacts.

Barnett Fair – Cape Town

Barnett Fair is an upmarket yet still manly barbershop located at the old St. Stephens Church on Bree Street. Their location is just too cool and they import exclusive London based grooming products to give you that extra luxurious touch. A straight cut will cost you R150 and they also do trimming and haircuts. Visit their website for contact information.
Address: 98 Bree Street; St Stephens Church

Something Else You Have To Know!

You will thank me for your new and improved significant other once you see/feel the difference and I guarantee you, there is a BIG difference! I happened to stumble upon another awesome find this week that you (and your dapper man) will thank me for; it comes in the form of a dedicated and trendy men’s only clothing store called KIPH. I was excited to see that they are currently running a 25% sale on all their unique T-shirts and wallets starting today (20th September) and ending next Friday (27th September). They also give you 10% off when signing up to their website, not to mention the fact that they sell vouchers which will almost certainly make ‘his’ next birthday a breeze. I’ve picked a couple of my favourites below for you to see, but you really have to visit their page to appreciate their full offering.

These imported American slim wallets are just starting to trend and will make for a perfect gift come Christmas or birthday time. They also form part of their 25% sale so buying one now and saving it for a special occasion might be the way to go. *nudge, nudge*. Click here to have a look on their site.

This ‘Ghost Jacket’ is just too cool! It has a soft and trendy look that will complement any rugged man and have him looking like a rock star in a flash. Click here to buy or to find out more.

This ‘Pick Punch’ is the best gift a guitar playing man could ever receive! A once off purchase that will see your man having hours of fun making his own one-of-a-kind plectrums from old used cards. Whether he ever uses it or not is irrelevant - it’s a great conversation starter. Click here for more info or to order one.

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